5 Ways Shipping Warehousing Benefits Ecommerce Businesses

In 2017, Amazon increased its physical footprint to a staggering 253 million square feet.

And while some of that footprint is offices, a vast proportion of it is warehousing. A warehouse is being built in North Randall, Ohio that has a footprint of nearly a million square feet.

No matter how big your e-commerce business, you’re unlikely ever to require that kind of warehousing. But for a growing company, warehousing is eventually going to become a necessity.

We take a look at five of the key benefits that a shipping warehousing company can offer.

1. No Need for Extra Staff

You may have started your business alone, but as it grows you are going to need help.

Packing and shipping products are just about manageable when your business is small but once it reaches a certain size doing it alone becomes impossible. You could take on expensive staff members to help lighten the load.

Or you could make use of a shipping warehousing company and let them take all of that out of your hands.

2. Save on Shipping Costs

Shipping warehousing companies benefit from their scale.

It means can they can leverage better rates for their shipping than your business could ever manage. And if you make use of a shipping warehousing company, these savings will get passed on to you.

The more you ship, the more you’ll be saving.

3. Only Pay for What You Use

Hiring a traditional warehouse to store your inventory comes with many issues.

Not least of which is that you pay the same rate no matter how much you’re storing. So even if the warehouse is mostly empty, you’re still paying the same fees as you would if it was full to the rafters.

With fulfillment warehousing, you only pay for what you use and not a cent more.

4. Returns and Cancellations Covered

It’s inevitable that at some point you’re going to get some returns or cancellations.

Dealing with these as your business scales can become a time-consuming process. But a good shipping warehousing company will take care of all that for you leaving you more time to concentrate on running your business.

It means your customer’s returns are dealt with quickly and efficiently which makes your business look good.

5. No Long-Term Commitments

As you’re only paying for what you need, there are no worries about long-term commitments.

Hiring a traditional warehouse for an extended period can be a worry. If your business hits a bump in the road, those fees still have to be paid. But if you use a pay-as-you-go shipping warehouse company, then you don’t have anything hanging over your head.

Does Shipping Warehousing Sound like the Solution for You?

If you think that shipping warehousing is something that would benefit you and your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a range of great services at pay-as-you-go prices. Whatever you need, from Amazon private label services to e-commerce fulfillment, we’ve got you covered. And you never have to pay for more than you use.

If you’re interested in the services we can offer you then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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