We are a full-service Amazon Private Label prep and ship company that is able to receive your inventory on your behalf, store your products, prep them according to Amazon’s strict guidelines, repackage them safely and ship all inventory to their respective Amazon fulfillment centers all over the US.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an easy and convenient way to sell on Amazon. It refers to a product manufactured by a third-party manufacturer and redistributed under a brand name while Amazon handles fulfillment. You are in complete control of making your product unique. The fact that the manufacturer produces the product gives you a competitive edge because you don't have to worry about design and concept.

All you have to do is to pay someone to create the logo and label for you. After which, you're all set. With just a few clicks, you'll be able to get on board. Amazon will take care of customer service, fulfillment, and other hard work. This is beneficial on your part because it enables you to focus on other aspects of your business that matter.

Yes, starting an FBA private level business is as easy as 1,2,3 but there are still some essential things you need to learn about like shipping your products. Shipping your item from manufacturer to Amazon's fulfillment center must be taken into consideration as well.


1. Sign up for an account with Amazon

2. Find a suitable niche for FBA

3. Research about your product

4. Source your product

5. Create your product logo

5. Order product samples

6. Order minimum product quantity

7. Create your product listing

Finding An Amazon FBA Niche

It might be quite tricky to find an Amazon FBA niche considering all the choices available. Make the process easier by choosing a category that you are interested in. You can also choose a category suitable for your line of business. Why only one category?

Having more than one categories may give your application a slim chance of getting approved. You might end up cancelling your application. The reason behind being as specific as possible is that multiple categories often result in listing errors. Just because you only have one category does not mean you cannot expand your products.

As you are building your own brand, you will also think about adding related products into your niche in the long run. Your customers will have more options this way. There are two options for finding FBA niche: pay for the niche research services or find an FBA niche manually. More often than not, paid service is the more practical option especially if you do not have the luxury of time at your disposal.

Choosing The Right Product For Private Label Business

Aside from finding your FBA niche, choosing the right product for private label business is also important. You need a good product to attract customers. This is where doing a thorough product research comes in. While it may seem like a walk in the park, many sellers often get stuck with product research because of following the wrong advice.

Stop looking for the perfect product. Find the product that brings a steady flow of income. You might want to focus on the ones capable of giving you a good return on investment (ROI).

Qualities To Look For In FBA Products

Take note of the product weight

You'll be paying a hefty shipping fee if the product you choose is either too big or too heavy. Keep in mind that Amazon based their transport costs on the products' weight and size. Choose products that are small and light if you don't want the cost to eat a big chunk of your profit. You may also want to check out the FBA revenue calculator for you to find out more about the FBA fees.

Bestseller rank

Check out how well a product sells based on its category. It is a great way to understand if the product sells well in the market.

No strong competitors

Find out what the competitors are up to. It's important to know you're not competing with well-known brands as they have already built their online reputation, trust and authority making your purpose of putting up a private label business futile.

Less than 100 reviews

Considering products with fewer reviews on the first page is a great starting point.

Non-seasonal products

Investing in seasonable products is a risky move especially if you don't know the ins and outs of managing seasonal inventory. You need to be an expert at buying and managing seasonal items to make this work.

Find Your Supplier

It is important to find a supplier because a large fraction of your margin comes from purchasing from suppliers with a low selling price. You also have to take note of the factors that determine your selling price like the competition. Negotiating with the suppliers is going to be your best bet.

Once you've found a good supplier from Alibaba, the next step is to create a listing before you make your online store open for business.

FBA Labeling Services

Once you convert a listing to FBA, and the items require stickers, FBA will check if the items qualify for Label Service. If your products qualify, you have the option to add the item to your Label Service shipments. You can also create a new Label Service shipment. However, if your products don't qualify for Label Service, Amazon will recommend you to add the item to the same type of shipment.

Enabling or disabling the FBA Label Service is easy. Just go to your FBA Label Service setting and choose Shipping Queue. Click FBA Settings under Optional FBA Services and click "edit". This option will enable you to change the setting based on your preferences. The changes you made will only be applicable for the shipment you create after the changes have been made.

You can also identify FBA Label Service shipments by checking the FBA carton labels or pallet if it has FBA-PREP printed on the upper left-hand corner. Your shipment details will also say "Item Labels: Required (Label Service)". You can check these shipment details by clicking the View and Track button next to the Shipping Queue. These Label Items will also show the estimated label fees you'll need to pay.

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