The Process:

1. Send Us Your Inventory:

  1. We will need limited access to your Inventory inside your Seller Central account, please fill out the following form: insert link to form here (only fill this out once)
  2. You will receive an email from us on how to send your invitation from within your Seller Central account and how to setup the user permissions that are required for us to create your shipping plan and add your products to your FBA inventory (You MUST add the products you are sending us into your inventory so we will know which listings/products to send into Amazon for you)

*In the same email you will receive our shipping address to send all your shipments too

2. Receiving Your Shipments

  1. Once your shipment arrives we will receive the shipment in, count the items sent and inspect your inventory
  2. If there are any discrepancies in your order or if there are any damaged products we will notify you of these issues

3. List, Label, Prep, Ship Your Inventory

  1. We will login to your Seller Central account
  2. Go to your inventory, select the products out of your inventory that we have received in and add them to your FBA inventory
  3. Once added to your FBA inventory, your shipping plan will be created and we will print out your FNSKUS
  4. Label all your products with their FNSKUS, at this time we will also do any additional prep that is required by Amazon, i.e. poly bag items or wrap with bubble wrap
  5. Complete your shipping plan and create the shipping labels
  6. We have daily pick ups from UPS and FedEx

Pricing for the following services:

Receiving – no charge for receiving your shipments

Inspecting – no charge for inspecting your items


Less than 200 units per month - $.70

201 - 500 units per month - $.50 

501 - 750 units per month - $.35

Greater than 750 units per month - $.20

Everyone starts at $.70 and at the end of the first month we will evaluate the # of units are adjust the fees according for the next month

Poly Bag - items as needed $.50 per item

Bubble Wrap - items as needed $.40 per item

Bundling Items – are $1.75 up to 10 items in 1 bundle (poly-bag, fnsku included in the $1.75)

(pricing as low as $1.00 customized plans available)

Kitting – if you have multiple different items that are required to be put together to make 1 new product – up to 5 items $1.75 per kit  over 5 items $2.25 per kit

Box Labeling - All boxes that receive a shipping label are $4

Boxes - small size boxes are included in the $4 charge (w/ the shipping labeled boxes) if med or large boxes are needed there is an additional $3 charge per box